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Tokyo University of Agriculture

Tokyo University of Agriculture was founded in 1891 as a university of life science and agriculture. In order to meet the ever-increasing needs of agriculture,the university is comprised of two graduate schools with 20 graduate courses and six undergraduate faculties with 23 departments.The six undergraduate faculties are Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Applied Bioscience, Faculty of Life Science, Faculty of Regional Environment Science, Faculty of International and Food Studies, and Faculty of Bioindustry. In addition to the three campuses in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Hokkaido, training and research facilities have been established throughout the country from subtropical to subarctic regions where educational research is being conducted. The first president, Tokiyoshi Yokoi, implemented the educational approach of "practical science", which stresses the importance of firsthand learning. Yokoi was inspired by the saying, "Ask rice plant about rice plant, ask farmers about agriculture". This spirit continues to live in the university's educational policy.